Eliminate Swimming Pool Noises With GenieMat FF

If you’re designing a rooftop swimming pool, you likely aim to create a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing space for the guests to enjoy. However, there are certain problems that need to be kept in mind when designing a rooftop swimming pool. If the pool is not acoustically isolated, waterborne noises can be transmitted into the structure of the building, leading to an amplification effect and causing inconvenience for those living below or adjacent to the pool.

Measurements taken in the spaces below the pool have shown a significant level of energy within the low-frequency range, specifically between 20 Hz and 63 Hz. This frequency range can be extremely irritating to those living near the pool.

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To solve this problem, Pliteq uses the elastomeric material – GenieMat® FF. It is a robust, dimpled pad made from recycled rubber designed for superior sound control by decoupling the structure containing the pool from the rest of the building. Depending on the loading, a suitable GenieMat® FF system is selected to provide adequate deflection and the required natural frequency.

The solution is easy to install – simply roll out the GenieMat® FF rolls over the pool’s floor and wall-based surface, secure the joints with tape, and then proceed with the standard installation of any swimming pool, using the steel rebars and pouring the concrete. By lining the entire base area, acoustic isolation is achieved, allowing for complete decoupling and avoiding any possible acoustic bridges.

To prevent the concrete from bending or cracking, a finite element analysis may be required to ensure there is no excessive deflection in the system. Other floating floor methods require higher loading and more installation time and materials to achieve acoustic isolation. The excellent results provided by the GenieMat® FF system have been tested by third-party laboratories and approved by acoustic consultants for use in many swimming pools worldwide.

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