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EchoOne – Year in Review

Happy new year and best wishes for a wonderful 2018. It was a rewarding year for all of us at Pliteq. The EchoOne research database now has 850 users in 12 countries. There are 600 unique tested assemblies comprising 24 different structures. The database grows with each month of further testing

Toronto Networking Event – March 1st

GTA people, please join us for a fun night of networking with other construction professionals on March 1st. The event is being supported by both the Toronto Society of Architects and Construction Specifications Canada.

Internoise 2016 – Cross Laminated Timber Part 2 now available

Our authorized private login website users are now able to download Matt Golden’s 2016 Internoise paper: “Laboratory Data Examining Impact and Airborne Sound Attenuation in Cross-Laminated Timber Panel Construction – Part 2”. This second CLT paper by Pliteq engineers presents various ceiling assemblies and analyzes how they affect impact and

The acoustics world has lost a true legend, Leo Beranek

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Leo Beranek: renaissance man; scientist, teacher, entrepreneur, television executive, philanthropist, author. His contributions to the field of acoustics are truly innumerable. He will be remembered fondly and the Pliteq library will forever feature copies of his books and papers.

Will The National Building Code Changes Reduce Noisy Neighbour Complaints?

“With the rising cost of housing in Canada, many first-time homebuyers may be opting to buy a condo or townhouse or semi rather than a pricier detached home. This means they will be sharing walls with neighbours, which can result in noise complaints even if they are built to code.”Read

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