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New Product – GenieClip Type C3

On the GenieClip product page you will find the GenieClip Type C3 for isolating suspended drywall grid. This spring wire accessory easily snaps the GenieClip on to standard c-channel that is wire or pencil rod suspended, decoupling it from the furring channel and gypsum board. Contact us if you have

New open web truss test data on the login site

With the increased popularity of vinyl plank in wood frame apartment construction, we wanted to see how this finish floor performed in the lab. On the login site you will find new open web truss with vinyl plank test assemblies that include components such as GenieClips, resilient channel, GenieMat RST02,

New Fire Rated GenieClip Retrofit Ceiling

After resolving numerous customer impact noise complaints using our GenieClip retrofit ceilings, we finally have it listed by UL. M523 is our proprietary assembly and can be viewed through UL’s online certification directory. The retrofit ceiling acoustical test data is available in our login site and featured in a 2014

GenieClip featured on HGTV

Recently the GenieClip was utilized on the hit HGTV show “Income Property”. It was used to control impact and airborne sound for a basement “executive rental” floor-ceiling assembly. You can see the episode by checking out Season 7, episode 5088.

GenieClip adds 20 new UL assemblies

As of April 18th the GenieClip is now certified in 61 UL assemblies. That’s 20 new assemblies including new steel stud and wood stud (single layer) walls, 2 hour wood frame floor ceiling and Ecospan Composite system.

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