Underlayment for Laminate Floating Floors – 3 Big Concerns

Underlayment for Laminate Floating Floors – 3 Big Concerns What is laminate flooring? Laminate floating flooring is a popular option among buildings especially residential. It’s durable as it is resistant to scratch and fade, making it a great options for families with pets and children. Laminate is also very good

Underlayment for Vinyl Floors – 2 Big Questions Answered

Vinyl Flooring and Underlayments – The Two Common Questions Asked Vinyl floors are incredibly common as they are easily accessible at your nearby depot, affordable, easy and fast to install, and comes with many variations of thicknesses and patterns. Many buildings especially residential buildings have vinyl flooring. With how common

Acoustic Test Data – 3 Big Reasons Why It Matters

Acoustic Test Data and Why It Matters Test data is without a doubt a very important factor during the process of any building construction. In one of our previous articles regarding acoustic underlays, we discussed in detail how acoustic test data is gathered. To quickly summarize, there are two main

Gym Flooring – Which of the 3 Options Works Best For You?

Square, Puzzle, or Roll – Which Gym Flooring Works Best For You? In one of our previous articles, we discussed acoustic underlay options and which one is the best option for you. In this article we will be discussing available options for gyms. Gym flooring is one of the biggest

5 Ways Green Buildings Around The World Are Ranked

5 Ways Green Buildings Around The World Are Ranked In one of our past articles, we have discussed about sustainability and how we can make our buildings sustainable for the better future of our environment. Here we are going to talk about how the sustainability aspect of buildings can be

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